Design codes for offshore cranes include:
API Spec 2C Offshore Pedestal-mounted Cranes
EN13852 Offshore Cranes
DNV Lifting Appliances
ABS Lifting Appliances

All of the standards require approximately the same installation load test of up to 1.25 x SWL. Of the above crane standards, only API Spec 2C requires design authentication in the form of: prototype strain gage testing at Cv x SWL or heavy lift load testing at 2 x SWL. API is very different from the other standardization bodies in that it offers a monogram license. API 2C cranes tend to have more robust structures and have fewer gadgets. For more important code differences, see: Introduction to API 2C.


Manufacturers who want to apply the API monogram on their equipment and materials must apply to API for a license to do so. If API determines, through an on-site audit, that a manufacturer has the capability to produce products that consistently conform to API specifications, API will license that manufacturer to use the API monogram and their license number on specific products made at specific locations. Although any manufacturer may claim that its products meet API specifications and include a plaque stating compliance to an API product specification, only manufacturers with a license from API can apply the API monogram to their products.

When the API monogram, in conjunction with the manufacturer's API license number, appears on the product, it constitutes a warranty by the licensed manufacturer to API and to the purchaser that the product fully complies to the applicable product standard. No such warranty to API exists when the monogram does not appear. API does not recognize claims about API-specified products to which manufacturers do not apply the monogram.

The other codes, rather than require stringent prototype testing, usually employ a design review by certification authorities. It is, of course, advantageous to have an independent review, and this can also be done with API 2C cranes. However, it is expensive process which is usually repeated for each slightly different crane. A review is one thing, but robust testing is quite another.


Use the following link to visit API's composite list of current monogram holders, scroll down to "SEARCH BY STANDARD" and select "API-2C", then click "GO". compositelist.api.org/