ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a general international quality system standard. Independent certification bodies certify that a company's quality management system complies with the standard. This is performed through periodic partial surveillance audits and three year renewal audits by the certification body. We comply with all requirements of ISO 9001.


API Q1 is a international quality system standard specifically for the oil and gas industry. API Q1 includes all provisions of ISO 9001 plus many more requirements. The API performs three year renewal audits and occasional surprise audits in order to maintain monogram privileges. API Q1 is usually used in conjunction with the API Monogram program. We maintain API Monogram License 2C-0053.


Manufacturers who wish to apply the API monogram on their equipment and materials must apply to API for a license to do so. If API determines, through an on-site audit, that a manufacturer has the capability to produce products that consistently conform to API specifications, API will license that manufacturer to use the API monogram and their license number on specific products made at specific locations. Although any manufacturer may claim that its products meet API specifications and include a plaque stating compliance to an API product specification, only manufacturers with a license from API can apply the API monogram to their products.

When the API monogram, in conjunction with the manufacturer's API license number, appears on the product, it constitutes a warranty by the licensed manufacturer to API and to the purchaser that the product fully complies to the applicable product standard. No such warranty to API exists when the monogram does not appear. API does not recognize claims about API-specified products to which manufacturers do not apply the monogram.


Use the following link to visit API's composite list of current monogram holders, scroll down to "SEARCH BY STANDARD" and select "API-2C", then click "GO".